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“The Mad Hatter” toasts Chick Corea at Jazz at Lincoln Center (with Black Mission Fig Bitters)

June 4th, 2013 by Mark


Andrey Kalinksy of Highlands (250 West. 10th St.) created The Mad Hatter for the recent  Chick Corea Festival at
Jazz at Lincoln Center. So dubbed after a 1978 progressive composition and album of the same name from the great jazz pianist and keyboardist (listen to the entire album on YouTube here) the cocktail was a suitably complex marriage of Hogshead Blended Malt, Giori Amaretto, and our Black Mission Fig Bitters–all built on a foundation of White Knights Vodka from Belgium. (We kept joking with guests who sampled the drink that Belgium vodka was the hot thing right now. The stuff is actually quite flinty and mineral-y and tasty.) Building an amaretto & whisky drink on top of vodka can trick the recipient into thinking they are drinking something light and carefree when in fact it’s a serious muscle drink (he said speaking from personal experience).  You get the smoke of the whisky and the nutty richness of the amaretto and the figgy savoriness of the bitters,  but the overall effect is far lighter with this dilution by vodka–in taste, but not proof. Without that rich whisky stirred cocktail pushback you can throw a couple of these high-octane numbers down and find yourself falling down your own personal rabbit hole, complete with Mad Hatters and rabbits. Try one for yourself during June when they will be serving it at Highlands.  J. Rowan

THE MAD HATTER2 oz White Nights Vodka
0.5  oz Giori Amaretto
Dash Brooklyn Hemispherical Black Mission Fig Bitters
Dash Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters
Hogshead Blended Malt Rinse
Chill the cocktail glass
Mist the glass with Hogshead Malt
Stir vodka amaretto and bitters
Pour into misted cocktail glass.
Garnish with lemon peel 



Kalinsky prepping Mad Hatters at Jazz at Lincoln Centers’ at Columbus Circle

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