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Says Zagat: BHB Trendy, Kooky, in NYC

May 24th, 2013 by Mark


Photo Credit: Zagat, Hernan F. Rodriguez

Well, we’re definitely in NYC. Definitely part of a larger bitters trend. Kooky? I wouldn’t have thought so, certainly not as kooky as Bitter Tears’ “Lucille” Blood Orange and Ginger Bitters, or Miracle Mile Gingerbread Bitters, but we’ll take it. In James Mulcahy’s piece for Zagat about 8 trends in NYC cocktails we land at the very end under the section of “Kooky Bitters”, a nice mention to be sure. (Perhaps the Sriracha Bitters are kooky, at least to non-Sriracha lovers.) We’re also seemingly mentioned in the description of  Costata’s “Local Martini” which uses ramps, rhubarbs and meyer lemon bitters. We’re not mentioned by brand name but we’re pretty sure it’s us–if there’s another meyer lemon bitters out there we haven’t heard of them. Check out Mulcahy’s article here. J.R.

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