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Philadelphia Freedom: BHB lands in Philly at Green Aisle Grocery

May 23rd, 2013 by Mark


As we inexorably expand our web of retailers out across the country (and the world) like some kind of bitters Borg, we keep encountering innovative and very personal shops and the cool teams behind them. South Philly’s Green Aisle Grocery  (1618 East Passyunk Avenue, 225-465-1411) is run by a pair of brothers who must really, really get along, Adam and Andrew Erace. The shop celebrates and promotes farms and artisanal products from the Delaware Valley, but they also have an impressive collection of spices and foodstuffs from around the world, and an overarching passion for consciously made food.  And now they have some bitters from Brooklyn to add to their cocktailing arsenal.


And they’ve got their own jams (so to speak).

Photos: Michael Persico

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