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New Shops around the US of A carrying BHB

April 27th, 2013 by Mark


We’ve working with a couple sweet new retailers around the country–in the case of Hey Rooster General Store in Nashville, very very new. The artisanal, crafty handmade good store with one of the better names in recent memory just opened in the last week of April, and we’re pleased to be included on their shelves. It’s also the only place our bitters can be found in the entire region, so if you’re in the area put some George Jones on the car stereo and head on over to 1106 Gallatin Avenue, and tell ’em Brooklyn Bitters sent you.

Back out West we can be found at Pearl Specialty Market & Spirits in Portland which is a real pleasure for a couple reasons. First, their selection of bitters is on par with any of the great bitters resources in the country like Whisk and The Meadow, so we’re in some excellent company. Then there’s the fact that Sean Hoard, a great friend of BHB, mans the helm right around the corner at Teardrop Lounge. Our Lemon Bitters actually feature one of Sean’s recipes, Pistol Dreams, on the back labels.  Finally, as someone who grew up in Portland in the 80s and who spent a lot of afternoons and nights in high school walking around what was a deserted industrial neighborhood, having our stuff featured in a great shop in what is the now-swinging Pearl District has an slightly surreal kick. Plus: it means more place to by our bitters in Portland! I’ll take good-natured issue with Robert Simonson asserting in the NYT asserting that “any boozehound worth his salt-rimmed glass will tell you, the City by the Bay is New York’s only real rival for American cocktail supremacy.” This boozehound says Portland easily rivals San Francisco. J. Rowan




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