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Apples, Figs, Sandy Denny & Late November.

November 14th, 2012 by Mark

Woke up early Sunday morning, opened the New York Times Magazine and read Rosie Schaap’s marvelously evocative essay on cool fall nights and how they make her crave apple cider drinks, a great piece of writing that manages to fold in the proto alt-folk music of Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention, Frost & Yeats.  Shaap also recommends using our Black Mission Fig Bitters in her accompanying recipe  “Autumn Bonfire”, a warming mix of scotch whisky, apple cider, applejack and maple syrup and Fig Bitters although “Angostura works, too”, a slight left-handed compliment to the undisputed king of all bitters. The piece is valuable not just for its savvy on ciders (cloudy are better for Schaap) but for the charming way she weaves personal experiences and memories of old records and musings on how a season sounds, smells and tastes,  and connecting it to cocktails.J.R.

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