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We’ll Take Manhattan Or: In Which We Make An Uncredited Appearance in the NYT

October 4th, 2012 by Mark No Comments

Here’s a fine piece on Manhattans and the many approaches one can take (up vs. rocks, rye vs. bourbon, perfect versus sweet) from Rosie Schaap in this weekend’s NYT Magazine. In a graphic sidebar patron-saint-to-bitters-makers Brad Thomas Parsons lays out some bitters that one might use one one’s Manhattan’s to mix them up; apparently our company name was cut for space but as we seem to be the only people making either Meyer Lemon or Fig bitters, we’ll take this as a significant press coup.  Also mentioned (but not by brand) are yuzu bitters–an outfit from LA called Miracle Mile Bitters makes ’em. These and ours are available at The Meadow.

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