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Brooklyn bitters unique flavors currently avalible for purchase

Rhubarb ••• Meyer Lemon ••• Black Mission Fig ••• Sriracha ••• Strawberry

In which BHB finally (officially) arrives in Australia.

September 8th, 2012 by Mark

It’s hard to overstate our excitement at securing Australian distribution with Only Bitters. Not only is this our first proper oversees distributor, but we have a special love for Australia–I’ve written about the bars in Darlinghurst  for T Magazine, and of course our first inspiration to bottle our bitters came from the boys at Eau de Vie in Sydney. Also: our name alludes to the bitters being made in the Northern hemisphere and sent to the Southern. Looking forward  to seeing what Aus bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts come up with using our stuff. J.R.

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