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Meyer Lovely*

August 10th, 2012 by Mark

Much to our surprise we found that our Meyer Lemon Bitters showed up in Country Living recently–in very good company, too. Bitter Truth, Scrappy’s & Bitter End are all bitters heroes to us, and Master of Malt was a new and welcome discovery. I’m particularly fond of the Meyer Lemon Bitters for making champagne cocktails–a little sugar in a flute doused with the bitters, topped with a dry sparkling wine, a twist of regular lemon and a few drops of the Meyer BItters on top makes a creamy, savory and not-too-sweet celebratory instant cocktail. I’ve enjoyed these with friends from Key West (above) to Honolulu (bottom) and it’s always a big hit. They are available to order at The Meadow (located on the west coast, in Portland ) and Whisk (on the east, in NYC). J.R.


*”Meyer Lovely” is a name of a Scott Beattie Meyer-led cocktail that I borrowed for this post, and I hereby acknowledge his original title, and general awesomeness with cocktails.

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