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Meyer Lovely*

August 10th, 2012 by Mark No Comments

Much to our surprise we found that our Meyer Lemon Bitters showed up in Country Living recently–in very good company, too. Bitter Truth, Scrappy’s & Bitter End are all bitters heroes to us, and Master of Malt was a new and welcome discovery. I’m particularly fond of the Meyer Lemon Bitters for making champagne cocktails–a little sugar in a flute doused with the bitters, topped with a dry sparkling wine, a twist of regular lemon and a few drops of the Meyer BItters on top makes a creamy, savory and not-too-sweet celebratory instant cocktail. I’ve enjoyed these with friends from Key West (above) to Honolulu (bottom) and it’s always a big hit. They are available to order at The Meadow (located on the west coast, in Portland ) and Whisk (on the east, in NYC). J.R.


*”Meyer Lovely” is a name of a Scott Beattie Meyer-led cocktail that I borrowed for this post, and I hereby acknowledge his original title, and general awesomeness with cocktails.

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